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When educational travel groups visit the Washington D.C. area, they want to see some national historic landmarks that are just across the Potomac River in Virginia. This article provides an overview of three important sites for student tours - The Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and Mount Vernon.

India is one of the most beautiful country with captivating tourism destination in the world. It is geographically blessed with natural beauty and various captivating destination. Visit once in your life time and catch the wealth of natural attraction.

Slow travel is the new way to travel the world. It gives you the opportunity to become part of the local life, connect to a place, its people and its culture. Movie sensations like "Under the Tuscan Sun" and books like "Eat, Pray, Love" have sparked the new desire to experience the culture of a place and really get the sense of what life is about, whether you are visiting the Tuscan country side, or the small village on Spanish coast.

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