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New Home Construction

Building a house is a landmark event in any person's life. The decision to build a house comes after a long analysis of the sources of funds to facilitate the process. Luckily, there are a lot of lending companies that offer loans targeted at new home construction.

The new home construction loan is one that allows you to receive the funding you need to build the home of your dreams. Even though you are in a sense still purchasing a home, through the building of it, the new home construction loans are different from an existing home loan.

Instead of purchasing a home, many consumers are opting for new home construction. Unlike buying someone else's home, these homes are especially created for the homeowner. This guarantees that the individual will love their home. In addition, having a new home constructed may benefit the individual in numerous ways. The style, quality, and designs of these homes are impeccable.

Here's a little advice from an experienced building and framing contractor. I cut one truss, while installing a stairwell for a two-story room addition and it held the job up for one month. The building inspector wouldn't sign off the house framing or let me continue working on the project, until this truss was repaired and this required a correction from the structural engineer and the city building department. What a nightmare.


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